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Container transport for freight

Save costs for shipping your goods in a container from or to Brazil.

We are your partner for importing or exporting your freight from Brazil!

Count on our consultation and planning in order to save money and make sure your freight is transported without any risks and delivered exactly on time. Due to consolidated shipment you can even ship small amounts of goods. Dangerous and perishable goods will be shipped safely using top-quality special containers. Irrespective of the freight you want shipped from or to Brazil, you can rely on us for offering any possible assistance.

Brazil is the biggest and most densely populated country in South America. Globally, Brazil ranks 5th regarding the size of its national territory and population. Brazil hosts 37 large harbours, which are for example located at Belem, Fortaleza, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador or Victoria. Transway ships your sea freight to every desired harbor and, if needed, also delivers it to its final destination. Please contact our team for your individual, non-binding quote.

An overview of our forwarding services:

  • Advising on your transport options and individual planning according to your needs

    Our services do not start or end at the harbor’s borders. We work together with you to realize a trouble-free transportation in the best possible way, starting at the place of departure and continuing till the freight has reached its destination. Benefit from our know-how in this area and count on our experience with planning commercial transports.

  • Transport to the harbour

    Before your goods can be transported in sea containers, they have to reach the harbor first. We are your reliable partner during the whole logistics process, for planning and conducting your pre-transport as well as for the actual sea transport.

  • Customs clearance and loading of your containers

    Some formalities have to be observed when transporting freight by ship. Thanks to our experience you will be able to save money and valuable time. When it comes to stowing your containers onto the ship, Transway makes sure that your goods are well-protected against the dynamic forces and external influences which may occur during sea transport.

  • Sea transport and transporting your freight to the port of unloading

    Transway organizes your goods’ sea transport and also provides transportation to the port of unloading, which may differ from the actual port of destination. Our team works together with selected and experienced partners who are able to keep up our high standards for reliability and punctuality.

  • Follow-up transport from the harbor to the receiver

    When your freight has reached its destination port it has already passed a long way. But this doesn’t automatically mean that the transport has been completed successfully. Together with you we will take care of this last bit of the transportation process, beginning with unloading your freight at the destination harbor and continuing with the transport to its final destination in a timely manner and proper condition. We gladly offer our assistance for this step as well.

  • Freight tracking and monitoring as well as updates on delivery status

    Any overseas transport does not only require the best possible organization. It also needs the time to actually complete the transport distance. Damages done during this period may only be discovered after your freight has been reviewed at its final destination. If no freight monitoring has been installed, no one can be made responsible for causing these damages. Stay exactly up to date with Transway – not only regarding your goods’ condition, but also its delivery status.

Transporting your goods to Brazil – experienced and dependable

Our services do not only include a well-informed consultation, but also a comprehensive handling of matters related to your freight’s overseas transport from or to Brazil. Starting with planning your transport and taking care of the formalities and continuing with the safe shipment to the final destination, Transway is a dependable and experienced partner you can count on.

Our ports of call in Brazil

  • Belem
  • Fortaleza
  • Manaus
  • Natal
  • Navegantes
  • Paranagua
  • Pecem
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Rio Grande
  • Salvador
  • Santos
  • Sao Francisco do Sul
  • Sepetiba
  • Suape
  • Itajai
  • Vitoria
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